Thursday, January 13, 2011

Paleolithic Jess

Long day, but it was wonderful. The meeting with the naturopath went extremely well! We received great reinforcement with our diet, and some fine tuning to make it even better. Here's some main points:

All processed foods - nothing in a box, nothing in a can, nothing in a package

All processed sugars (keep the fruits minimal, a serving of blueberries in the morning or something like that)

No dairy

All organic, free range and hormone free foods (from the coffee beans to the main courses - everything)

Eat lots of veggies from the allium, cruciferous and brassicacea family on a daily basis.

Get a water filter for the facet. Drink obscene amounts of filtered water (64-96oz). Drink matcha 2-3 times a day.

Basically, he referred to it as a Paleolithic diet. It's what humans used to eat before we started harvesting crops. Hence, the avoidance of grains, and sugar. The diet is mostly veggies, nuts and small amounts of meats (cold water fish, white meats, and small amounts of red meats). It's very heavy on the veggies.

After the appointment, at the request of the ND, I fasted for several hours and went to get a bunch of blood work done. I was actually supposed to do it tomorrow morning before the MRI, but I was worried that it would be too many needles in too short a period of time. Anyway, it turned out no big deal getting my blood drawn. The sweet woman (also named Jessica), called me a "hummingbird" because my veins are so small. She had a few tricks up her sleeve and magically hit my vein on the first try. It made me feel pretty excited about tomorrow's prick. Maybe it'll be the same.

Speech therapy went off without a hitch. She printed up a bunch of mind teasers, and problem solving sheets. Things are looking really good in that department. I just need to keep challenging my mind, working on reading aloud and my comprehension.

It was such a busy day, and I'm absolutely exhausted. No nap yesterday or today. I'm like a little child, needing my naps :)

There was a lot of information to process - all of it good. Now I need to rest up for the big day tomorrow.

For the record, I went as a viking for Halloween this past year (there was a helmet but it kept sliding off). I guess next year I can wear the same outfit but call myself Paleolithic woman. That's handy.


  1. Good work, Jess. We're thinking of you : ) !!!

    Dee Dee & Walt

  2. "So Cal" PattiJanuary 13, 2011 at 6:45 PM

    Thanks for sharing your great day with us! That diet is one that we all should follow! I am glad that your day was wonderful and I know that tomorrow will bring even more positive results!!!

  3. Jessica a Viking!!!!!!!!!!! Become a vikings fan and you can wear your Vikings gear all football season. Danny will forgive you I am sure of that. In Minnesota we say Barooooooooooooooo. That is the Horn blown for a first down. Sounded like a good day. You are in my prayers for wonerful news following your appointments tomorrow!
    All teh best, Love
    Rich and Andre`

  4. You make me laugh every time!! 'that's handy' about your costume. haha.

    Ok, so this paleolithic diet is great! Chris and I followed it all last summer while we were doing Cross Fit over here in Coeur d'Alene. On our Crossfit blog, they but a side blog on just dedicated to Paleo diet(what we called it) recipes and ideas.
    (stands for cross fit lake city). Anyway... bookmark this page for continual updates and ideas for 'clean' foods and recipes! Lots of good encouragement too! It's always easier when you know other people are doing the same thing.

    You ROCK Jessica Oldwyn!

  5. Jess!!! Yes!! I am so excited! Woohoo! Hard works paid off and now continue on! We are all standing behind you! Good Work!


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