Wednesday, November 4, 2015

First Steps

I can't easily type because I went all gung-ho around the house yesterday, trying to distract myself as we await further information from UCLA about my recurrence, and I sliced myself.

As we wait, I grabbed a copy of all three of the most resent MRI scans (I keep copies of everything) and we shipped them to an independent radiology reading facility that we've used in the past. Hopefully they can give us more information about what's going on in my brain. 

It's always hard when doctors don't agree about your condition, but (as a few people mentioned) it's better than a definitive recurrence. That implies it must not be obvious growth. Either that or someone was asleep at the wheel.

I'll keep you guys posted on anything we find out along the way.


  1. Thank you for the updates! I'm checking your blog everyday. You are such a wise woman, to seek answers for yourself. That is what is keeping you alive and from the looks of it, you are doing a damn good job! You've overcome so much, and slowed (if not stopped) the growth of this tumor. You've learned so much and been so generous to share your knowledge with us! Thank you so much for the updates and for being who you are. You're simply one of the most admirable, intelligent, persistent, loving, gracious, courageous people I know! Bravo! Keep it up!

  2. So sorry about your "boo boo" Thank you too for keeping us updated. There are those of us out here who read your blog, who love & care for you, Dan & your family even though we've never met in person. A friend in Friday Harbor let us know about you years ago when you were trying to get on the Ellen show to share your information. You are deserving of all the wonderful praises sent your way. Your strength & tenacity is admired & we all learn from you. Praying for a good report that confirms the no growth report. I can't even imagine how it must be to receive two totally different opinions. Bless your hearts !!!!

  3. Let it be just some stupid scar tissue!!!


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