Friday, September 18, 2015

Medical Honeymoon

Remember how the German clinic asked me to come back ASAP to harvest more dendritic cells? Well? Fortunately, Dan had been banking sick leave for almost a year and a half, knowing this day would come, so he was able to join me. We have a house sitter at home so that Bing the cat won't be too lonely, and Emma dog is with Grammie Linda. With our babies taken care of, we're off on our biggest adventure to date. Originally, the clinic made specific dates for treatment, and we are making our way that direction.

Today we are in Dordrecht, staying with a Dutch family. (We're traveling in a combination of guest houses/loft rooms and hotels working to keep costs down, but also we wanted learn more about the native cultures and there's no better way than staying with the locals.) 

The Netherlands is so charming, and the people are cheery and kind. Dordrecht is the oldest city of all of the Netherlands. The buildings, the churches, it's pure charm. It's sleepy, and fresh. This afternoon, we went for a run around the cobblestone streets, and now after bathing, I've wiggled into a plush blue velvet couch to type. Dan went for a walk to the local market to grab some beer, and wine. We have to take advantage of our gorgeous rooftop patio. 

We already have some local spelt bread, fresh cheeses, and cured meats. I became obsessed with the local veg since they're all grown right here and are dirt cheap - and FRESH. I am gobbling up cucumbers left and right. Pennies on the dollar. In fact, if they grow it here it's dirt cheap. I can't believe how affordable everything is! Now, you won't find pineapple or other luxury perishable items, but who needs 'em! 

I could live like this. Bikes everywhere, birds, boats, walkers, salty air, a calmness. It's everything I could have dreamed of. When we moved from Seattle to Edmonds we fell in love with the slower pace of life. The irony is that Dordrecht makes Edmonds feel like Gotham.

Just a few hours ago we watched, from our balcony, a newly married couple go by. Apparently, it is tradition that the groom from the ceremony peddles his new wife to the celebration. And just as I type this the church bells chime. Dordrecht couldn't be more magical!


  1. Oh what a sweet tradition. Just lovely. Have a successful time at the clinic and have a safe trip.

  2. Love love love love this post! And I'm convinced I need to go. Beautiful and magical is right!! Enjoy!!

  3. Beautiful, Wonderful and Charming tradition. So cool you got to witness it :-) Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your European visit with your sweet Dan :-)


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