Thursday, February 19, 2015

Surviving Terminal Skirts

Holy cow what a night! The Surviving Terminal Cancer documentary premier was so much fun! I had already watched it several times (gaining access because I was on the panel), but the awe factor never goes away.

Of course, this is me, so I couldn't come without a little disaster. As I sat down into the car to head to the Loncoln Center, my skirt split. Literally. Literally all the way from the bottom of my bum to the top of my bum. The most important area to cover. I leaned in to Dan and the driver and said, "I knew I shouldn't have eaten lunch!"

We scrambled for friends to help us troubleshoot, but ultimately, our driver saved the day. He swung through a quick shop, and Dan and I scrambled through the doors. Dan and the employees started throwing skirts at me as I ran for the dressing room. The first one was a raspberry below the knee number. I zipped it up (and it was stretchy - now a must have in my department), and it fit. The girl cut the tags to give to Dan, he went to pay, I finished dressing, and we ran back out the door. It was insane, and hilarious, and it set my blood pressure and my heart racing.

I'll share more when I have time, probably this weekend. The night was inspirational. I was moved by all of the faces of those who I've spoken with only via email, and suddenly there they were. I was able to hug and meet people. Several people thanked both Dan and I for the blog which was an incredible honor, I'm starting to get choked up even as I write this. There is no better feeling than hearing that you helped someone find solice and strength in a time of need. We are all stronger together, and we have the ability to challenge the system and make it better. This is my family, and I will do whatever I can to protect them.

In the insanity of last evening I didn't take more than three pictures, here's photo of my friend Kristina, we had never met face to face before. She's a hard working, out of the box, researching bandit, all in the name of her mothers breast cancer, but she is not a purist, cancer wise. She's all about helping anyone in need. I heard her talking to doctors, offering to help research. She's a badass, full of energy and ideas. Another woman that I admire. The list is really racking up! 


  1. She's beautiful - intelligent - warm - thoughtful - and she is my baby girl! Love ya Jess

  2. what a stunner you are. FYI a 'splitting skirt' prior to getting on stage is the equivalent to 'break a leg'. hehehehe

  3. Jessica, you have no idea how fortunate I feel for having had the chance to meet a person like yourself. I'm still in complete awe :) - Kristina

  4. Now that is a funny disaster story turning out great !! Wow, what a beautiful picture-two gorgeous woman-inside & out !!!


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