Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Coconut Wisteria Popsicle

It is so hot. Soooo hot. Looking for reprieve this afternoon, I decided to create a random popsicle recipe to make us happy, and distract us from our lack of AC. The 80's are tough, and there's rumors of 90's next week. Ugh. I'm such a mossback. I miss my rain.

Did you know you can eat wisteria flowers? They're delicious too! Don't eat the stems, though, or the leaves or seed pods. All those other parts are toxic, even deadly for young children, especially the seed pods. The flowers taste like butter lettuce with a tiny hint of honeysuckle. Very refreshing. 

Fresh off the vine! (Second round of blooming already this year.)


1 frozen banana (I keep them around in a pinch, you could use a raw banana too.)
2 cans of full fat coconut milk
1/2 cup shredded unsweetened coconut
1 small avocado (pitted & peeled)
1 cup wisteria flowers stemmed

Important to remove stems. If you have allergies you should remove the pistils and stamens too. (We don't so I left them in. I like the flavor, it gives a hint of honey.)

Blend everything (except for the flowers). If it is too thick, add just a bit of water, little by little.

Blend for a quick swirl, literally a pulse or two, leaving it nice and chunky so that you can see some flowers in the mix, along with the fiber of some of the chopped petals. Then you just pour it into the molds, and freeze them. Aren't they beautiful, and feminine? 

This recipe makes about 20 popsicles, each holding approx 109 calories. 

Here's the breakdown of macronutrients and nutritional information for one popsicle. 

You could probably use a lower fat coconut milk, but why? Fat is so good for you. It gives such a rich consistency, making it much more satisfying. I also noticed after eating it, my lips were softer which is an added bonus when everything is so dry.

Anyhoo, I hope you like it! Perfect recipe for a random Wednesday. I wish my niece Isla was with me today. She would have thought the whole thing was as cool as I did. There's nothing like a little scavenging for nibbles in the yard. 


  1. Beautiful! I love this Jess!! I'm gonna give it a try!! Thank you for sharing!! YOU are refreshing!!
    Love Always, Maleka

    1. Thanks Maleka! The more I read the more I worry about the wisteria. It can cause stomach problems in sensitive people, so maybe use rose petals instead if you have some of those growing. :) I'd feel awful if the wisteria made anyone sick. I mean, it's probably fine, but I had to say something.


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